Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials

Women at the GymThere’s nothing worse than getting to the gym ready for a great workout, only to find you’ve left something essential at home. A well-prepared gym bag can lighten your load and ensure you don’t forget any important items. Here are the top 10 essential items to pack in your gym bag:

  1. Water bottle: 

Most regular gym members take a refillable water bottle with them to each workout session. If you drink all your water before the end of your workout, you can refill the bottle at the gym’s drinking fountain to ensure you stay hydrated.

  1. Workout clothing: 

Each gym bag is unique and should reflect your individual fitness goals, but you need the right training clothes to suit your workout. Choose your workout gear for practicality, not for fashion.

  1. Towel: 

If you intend to use the machines at your gym, you’ll need your towel. Many gyms charge a fee to use their towels, so save yourself the additional cost and pack your own.

  1. Hand Sanitizer: 

Pack a travel-sized tube of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. They help to keep hands bacteria-free after using free weights, circuit equipment or cycles.

  1. Music:

Energize your workout with your favorite tunes loaded onto your iPod or phone. Don’t forget to check that your device is charged before you get to the gym, and pack your ear-buds.

  1. Heart-Rate Monitor or timer:

A heart-rate monitor is a great way to stay accountable during your workouts. If you’re doing circuits or Tabata or cross-fit training, consider an interval timer. Some monitors even estimate the number of calories burned, which is great if weight loss is your goal.

  1. Soap or body wash:

If you’re planning to shower at the gym after your workout, take your soap or body wash with you. If you prefer to wash your hair as well, consider a good combination soap-and-shampoo product to help reduce the amount of things you carry in your gym bag.

  1. Shower shoes:

Even the cleanest gym showers can harbor fungi and bacteria. Take along some flip-flops or sandals to wear while showering.

  1. Deodorant and brush:

Keep some deodorant and brush handy to help you freshen up a bit after your session, especially if you intend to shower at home. If you have long hair, spare hair ties should also be a part of your gym bag essentials.

  1. Extra clothing:

Keep some extra clothing in your bag. Spare socks, shorts, tops or T-shirts are ideal in case you need to change before heading home.

Joining a gym gives you the perfect place to work out and boost your fitness levels, but there are still some things you need to bring with you from home. Keep your gym bag essentials packed and to make your next workout session as smooth as possible.

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